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ES Components is a franchised distributor for ASI Semiconductor and we proudly offer their highly rugged VIMOS technology in both RF power transistors and pallets/modules.

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Perfect transistor solutions for L-Band radar & avionics applications!


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VIMOS is a High Power RF transistor technology designed specifically for pulsed amplifiers. VIMOS devices provide excellent RF performance. In addition, they are extremely rugged, capable of simultaneously withstanding overdrive, overvoltage and 20:1 VSWR.

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ES Components offers ASI's high quality, superior RF devices at very competitive prices!


  • UHF Band Weather & Long Range RADAR, 420-470MHz

  • Ground & Air DME, TCAS, IFF, 960-1215MHz

  • Airborne DME, 1025-1150MHz

  • TCAS, IFF, SSR and Mode-S, 1030-1090MHz

  • Mode S-ELM Interrogator, 1030-1090MHz

  • Ground Based Radar, 1214-1400MHz

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VIMOS™ RF Power Transistor Mounting

VIMOS™ Reliability Testing Results

VIMOS™ Thermal Overview

VIMOS™ Product Selection Guide Tables

ASI ViMOS™ Evaluation Kit - It's all about support!

Evaluation Kit

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  • USB Memory Stick Includes

    • PCB Component Placement Diagram

    • Bill of Materials

    • Heat Sink Drawing

    • Gerber File

    • Data Sheet

  • Two Sample Transistors

  • Test Fixture



What is VIMOS™?

VIMOS™ is a High Power RF Transistor technology designed specifically for pulsed amplifiers. VIMOS™ devices provide excellent RF performance. In addition, they are extremely rugged, capable of simultaneously withstanding overdrive, overvoltage and 20:1 VSWR.  We offer a high quality, superior RF device at a very competitive price. Let us prove it. Analyze the data and test our transistors.

What is VIMOS


VIMOS™ has been specifically designed to address the common problems that have plagued LDMOS products that were not up to the unique demands of pulsed radar:

  • RUGGEDNESS - VIMOS™ devices are rated at VSWR of 20:1 and are tested to the industries most stringent VSWR conditions.

  • THERMAL – VIMOS’ ™ unique inverted design results in superior thermal performance.

  • GOLD – Unlike some competing LDMOS devices, VIMOS™ utilizes gold wire bonds, not aluminum which can be susceptible to high cycle fatigue (HCF).

  • PARASITIC BIPOLAR ELIMINATION – Unlike some LDMOS based devices, VIMOS™ eliminates the failure mechanism associated with the parasitic bipolar device (created internally in the LDMOS structure) which can suddenly conduct under pulsed conditions resulting in catastrophic device failure.

VIMOS™ is a silicon based technology built upon decades of semiconductor engineering. GaN is in its infancy. The devices are fragile with regards to ruggedness, require additional power supply complexity, and are cost prohibitive.  

VIMOS™ technology is specifically designed for pulsed, high power RF amplifiers. VIMOS™ devices use the same package as their LDMOS counterparts creating a more rugged amplifier and reducing dependency, exposure and risk to sole source LDMOS.  VIMOS™ can improve the robustness of your amplifier, reduce field failures, significantly reduce the size and weight of your product and increase its performance, all at a competitive cost.