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Bar Coding 

Bar code technology has become so widespread that many consumers take it for granted, but the technology continues to offer numerous benefits in a wide array of businesses. With only some basic printing equipment and a readily available bar code scanner, businesses can use bar code technology to improve accuracy, speed and efficiency without significant expense.

Benefits Of Bar Coding

  • Reduce Human Error

  • Improve Inventory Tracking

  • Expediting Receiving and Shipping Processes

After the implementation of a bar coding system, the biggest challenge is ensuring that all products are labeled correctly. Accomplishing this can be quite a task. By choosing the right supply partner, the challenges of labeling all the products can be eliminated.

What if every product you receive already had your bar code label?

ES Components offers this time and money saving benefit to our customers. We can create bar coding labels to your specifications that include your unique part number for all of your outgoing products.

For more information about ES Components Bar Code Inventory Systems, contact us at 978-422-7641.