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The Return Of The Lego Men

The Return Of The Lego Men...

Lego is one of those things that despite how old a person is, grown adults get all misty eyed and nostalgic at the very mention of it, it plays to memories of childhood, of a creative world where we were the master.

As testament to the enduring popularity of Lego take the tale of two former engineering students Jon Chippindall and Ian Cunningham who built a probe they called meteor which launched tethered to a balloon on the 30th of October at 10:00 am from Mold in North Wales.  In two hours it had reached an altitude of 90,000 feet before the balloon promptly burst sending it plummeting back to earth.

The probe housing itself was made from modeling foam and gaffer tape, inside was budget android phone (for GPS tracking) a GoPro camera to take footage and a pocket hand warmer to keep everything from freezing.  Perched on top were these guys:

At its peak the on-board camera took some stunning vistas of the earth as viewed from the edges of the atmosphere.  When the balloon finally burst, the trauma caused one of the Lego spacemen to separate from the main module – but it was tethered with a thread so that he remained attached to the craft drifting in and out of view of the GoPro camera giving the impression of diminutive Lego spacewalk.

Above the earths curved horizon streaks the inky blackness of space but suspended between the heavens and earth an intrepid Lego Astronaut mini-figure surveys his home world.

The probe parachuted back down to Terra Firma some 30 minutes later into a field next to a lake in Chesterfield where the two constructors recovered their craft.

Jon Chippindall intendeds to use the data as a teaching aid (he is a teacher after all) with follow up missions to establish optimal parachute size, building materials and so forth with his students.

Out Of This World

It just goes to show that with a minimum outlay; out of this world results can be achieved.  We here at ES Components are unable to make deliveries from the edge of space, nor do we stock Lego mini-figures. Hybrid and MCM electronics manufacturers the world over depend on us for the high-reliability and commercial grade wafers, bare die, and package devices they need to design, develop, and manufacture their products on-time and on-budget.

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Watch a video of Legos in space visit MAIL ONLINE.