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Amazon’s latest patent: drones that charge your vehicle while you’re on the road


Amazon has big plans for drones, the hope being that one day, all of our packages will be delivered by flying robots instead of UPS. However, the tech giant recently filed a new patent involving drone technology, one that may change the future of electric vehicles. First reported by Greentech Media, Amazon plans to design a drone that finds your EV when your battery is low on energy and recharges it for you on the spot, even while you’re still moving.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted Amazon a patent in early October to develop the drone, although Amazon filed the application all the way back in 2014. The premise is simple: When your battery is running low, your car will connect with a central server, which will ascertain how much more energy your car will need to arrive at your next destination (or the location of the nearest charging station). The server will then send an unmanned drone equipped with a battery to your vehicle to charge the battery to appropriate level. Easy-peasy, right?  Read more...

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