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7 kinds of LS Mtron Ultracapacitor products acquire UL certification


4 products from 3V high voltage line-up including 3V 380F, high capacitance 2.8V 600F, Low ESR 2.8V 320F and Cylindrical 2.85V 3400F received UL certification.

LS Mtron acquire UL certification, an internationally recognized safety standard in January, 2017 for 7 of its own developed Ultracapacitor products.

7 Ultracapacitor products are certified as below.

- 4 of 3V product series with Radial type (Lug, Snap-in) terminal (LSUC 3V 380F, 430F, 480F, 500F)

- High capacitance 2.8V 600F

- Low ESR 2.8V 320F

- Cylindrical 2.85V 3400F

In addition, UL certification of LS Mtron has made its product reliability & safety in overseas market even higher. LS Mtron believe certification will be a new driving force to increase new sales in global market.

3V product series has realized highest level of rated voltage within Ultracapacitor. Energy density have increased over 25% compare to 2.8V same size products and Lug & Snap terminal are available. LS Mtron expect 3V product series will be used in various applications (power solution, Renewable energy, Tools and etc.) and replace current Ultracapacitor usage with single cell rated voltage below 3V.

UL (Underwriter’s laboratories) is global company based on USA who develop various standard on product performance and safety and issuing highest level of certification. Ultracapacitor can received certification after passing 8 different physical & electrical strict tests including charge/discharge cycle test, temperature test, Short circuit test after exposing high temperature, heating test, abnormal charge test and others.

You can check LS Ultracapacitor’s UL online certification information on below route.- LSUC Support> Certification:

- LSUC Support> Download:

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