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These concepts and technologies foreshadow the future of the semiconductor industry


During the international IEDM 2016 conference, Purdue University researchers showcased a range of concepts and technologies that foreshadow the future of the semiconductor industry. The concepts included innovations to extend the performance of today’s silicon-based transistors, and new types of nano-electronic devices to complement and replace conventional technology in future computers. 

According to professor of electrical and computer engineering and director of Purdue's Network for Computational Nanotechnology, Gerhard Klimeck, electronic device innovation has been a major economic factor in the U.S. and world economy. "These advancements were enabled by making the basic transistors in computer chips ever smaller,” Klimeck said. “Today the critical dimensions in these devices are just some 60 atoms thick, and further device size reductions will certainly stop at small atomic dimensions."  Read more...

Reference: Electronic Products
                   Purdue University
                   Nicole DiGiose