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Self-contained Emergency & Exit Lights with Super Capacitor backup.


Emergency and Exit Lighting are the easiest and effortless solution for planning and realizing the emergency lighting system in a number of applications that include buildings, homes, buses, and trains. With a backup power source of Super Capacitors and the light source of LED's, some of these products could last 10 years or longer.

The Super Capacitors replace the batteries

The definitive disadvantage of self-contained systems has been the limited lifespan of batteries. Unlike traditional applications with batteries, the energy required during a power outage is not stored in traditional electro-chemical batteries but in very high capacitance low-voltage capacitors.

Super capacitors cannot replace batteries directly due to their different voltage characteristics. A capacitor’s charge voltage and current must be controlled accurately and as wide a relative voltage range as possible must be utilized when the capacitor is discharged. A combination of Batteries and Super Capacitors offer a possible solution.

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