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What Is Bare Die?


Bare Die 101 - What Is Bare Die?


What is Bare Die?  Where is it used?  What are the benefits of using Bare Die?  These are questions that many design engineers and buyers ask. Unless you have been doing this for a good number of years you will quickly find out that there is a lot more involved than just searching for a Part# on the Internet.  The trick is understanding the differences between packaged parts and bare die.  Bare Die is used in a broad array of industries, and markets, including Aerospace, Military, Avionics, Medical Implant, Automotive, and high-end Industrial where bare die is the optimum choice for a given design.


Section 1: Reasons To Use Bare Die
Section 2: The Secret of Specifying and Obtaining the Correct Bare Die to Build Hybrid Microcircuits
Section 3: Assembly Options for Hybrid Packaging
Section 4: How Bare Die is Handled to Ensure Long-term Reliability and How it is Delivered
Section 5: Educational Videos - All About Bare Die

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