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Watch an Autonomous Passenger Drone Carry Real People in Flight Test


There has been a lot of coverage about the ongoing development of Flying Cars: from preorders being taken for future builds; to a manufactured flying car being showcased; to new DeLorean coming back but as a flying model; and even how to earn a degree in flying cars.

But we have yet to see them actually carry passengers. That’s something that can’t be said for passenger drones, which are cropping up to compete with flying cars. Autonomous drone taxis are becoming popular, with a plan to roll out a fleet of the vehicles in Dubai, where they tested it in an unmanned flight.

Now, a Chinese drone company has footage of its first voyage carrying passengers in an autonomous passenger drone. The company, EHANG, performed a series of manned flight tests carrying one and two passengers (including the EHANG CEO and all executives as well as government officials from Guanghou province) in its EHANG 184 autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV).  Watch Video, Read more...

Source: Electronic 360
             Peter Brown