This is a handy table that makes it easier to convert capacitance values between picofarads, nanofarads, and microfarads.  It also explains Vishay's three digit encoding system for MLCC capacitor part numbers. 

We hope that you find this useful.

1. Example from top row of table:  1.0pF (pico Farad)  =  0.0010nF (nano Farad)  =  0.0000010uF micro Farad
2. Vishay express the value of their MLCC capacitors using a three digit encoding system in picofarad (pF). The first two digits are significant, the third is a multiplier (number of zeros after the first two digits). Also, an “R” indicates a decimal point.

1R0 = 1.0pF
4R7 = 4.7 pF
102 = 1000 pF
220 = 22pF
221 = 220pF
104 = 100000pF