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Space Satellite

MIL-PRF-123 Space Qualified, Multi-Layer Ceramic Chip (MLCC) Capacitors



Vishay’s space capacitors bring an unprecedented level of quality to space and military applications.  Vishay's capacitors are constructed using a reliable Noble Metal Electrode (NME) system of Palladium Silver (PdAg) and are fully qualified to meet the requirements of MIL-PRF-123.  Available in a broad range of capacitance values from 1pF to 470nF and voltage ratings of 50 or 100 volts with operating temperatures between –55 degrees C to +125 degrees C, they are all built upon Vishay’s progressive automotive and medical implant quality disciplines.


Available with 12 week lead time (see matrix below)

Do you need a smaller size capacitor that is not included in MIL-PRF-123 slash sheets, or a higher performance than when MIL-PRF-123 was established?

We offer “Extended Range” MIL-PRF-123 Capacitors

  • Same PME and wet process reliability
  • Sizes down to 0402
  • Voltages from 16V – 500V
  • Many values already completed 4000 hr life test!
  • Special testing also available to your requirements

MIL-PRF-123 Brochure


  • Space-level reliability

  • Military qualified products

  • Federal stock control number, CAGE CODE 2770A

  • High reliability tested per MIL-PRF-123 plus Vishay’s additional quality assurance testing

  • Lead-bearing (min 4%) termination finish “Z”

  • Surface-mount Multi-Layer Ceramic Chip (MLCC) capacitors

  • Made with a combination of design, materials, and tight process control to achieve very high field reliability

  • Excellent aging characteristics

  • 100% acoustic inspection and hot insulation resistance (Hot IR)

  • Testing is 100% in-house with the latest technology Confocal Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (CSAM), Hot IR, and Automated Optical Inspection (AOI )

  • Constructed with Reliable Noble Metal Electrode (NME) system of Palladium Silver (PdAg) metal

  • Wet build process (ensures precision uniform BP and BX dielectric construction)


  • Space systems

  • Satellite systems

  • Avionic systems

  • Sonar systems

  • Missiles applications

  • Global positioning systems

Selection Guide for Popular MIL-PRF-123 Capacitors with 12 Week of Less Lead Times:

Do you need something that you don’t see here?  If so, please contact us at ES Components.

Today’s designs often require products outside the specifications of Mil-PRF-123: higher capacitance value, smaller body size, or higher working voltage. Vishay Vitramon applies the design constraints and manufacturing processes used for MIL-PRF-123 products to the needs of today’s designers.

“Extended Range” MIL-PRF-123 Capacitors

  • Same PME and wet process reliability

  • Sizes down to 0402

  • Voltages from 16V – 500V

  • Many values already completed 4000 hour life test!

  • Meets MIL-PRF-32535

Hi-Frequency Ceramic Caps

  • Alternatives: ATC, Johanson, DLI, others

  • Available with 123 Screening and QCI equivalent

Note: Electrical characteristics at + 25 °C unless otherwise specified
Operating Temperature: - 55 °C to + 125 °C Capacitance Range: 1.0 pF to 470 nF Voltage Range: 50 VDC to 100 VDC
Temperature Coefficient of Capacitance (TCC):
BP:  0 ppm/°C ± 30 ppm/°C from - 55 °C to + 125 °C, with 0 VDC applied
BX:  ± 15 % from - 55 °C to + 125 °C, with 0 VDC applied
BX: + 15 %, - 25 % from - 55 °C to + 125 °C, with 100 % rated VDC applied
Dissipation Factor (DF):
BP:  0.15 % maximum BX:  2.50 % maximum
Test frequency:
1 MHz ± 50 kHz for BP capacitors≤ 1000 pF
All other BP and BX at 1 kHz ± 50 Hz
Aging Rate:
BP: 0 % maximum per decade BX: 1 % maximum per decade
Insulation Resistance (IR):
At + 25 °C and rated voltage 100 000 MΩ minimum or 1000 ΩF, whichever is less
Dielectric Strength Test:
Performed per method 103 of EIA-198-2-E. Applied test voltages:
≤ 100 VDC-rated: 250 % of rated voltage




Quality Level Hierarchy Guide

Quality Hierarchy Guide

Quality Hierarchy Guide

Differences Between MIL-PRF-123 and MIL-PRF-55681 Capacitor Testing Requirements

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