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Avoiding Counterfeit Microelectronics

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Avoiding Counterfeit Microelectronics

Industry wide issues with Counterfeit Microelectronics – Our commitment to safeguard against it.

Counterfeit Avoidance is very important and ES Components is one the few distributors that is AS6081 and Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) QSLD certified. Our process ensures the products customers receive are always authentic OEM and meet their requirements. Obsolete and older hard to find products add complexity meeting  chain of custody and original C of C requirements, as those requirements were not the same decades ago, when our inventory was produced. Having bare die not assembled in packages, makes verification of original manufacturer easier as we can visually compare the die features to our exclusive library of thousands of actual photographs of OEM die produced since 1970s. When the Chain of Custody is In question, ES Components has a transparent process with procedures that share all available pertinent information, prior to the sale and offers additional screenings in addition to visual authentication, based on AS6081 requirements which may include electrical testing, to ensure product performance.

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