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Diodes - Bare Die

Rectifier, Zener, TVS, Small Signal, Schottky Diodes

Designers of Hybrid and MCM microcircuits rely on ES Components for all of their bare die diode needs. We offer a full portfolio of Rectifiers, Zener, TVS, Free-Wheeling, Schottky and Power diodes from Vishay, Sensitron and Semikron.

  • Free-Wheeling Diodes Chips – 600V to 1700V, 30A to 200A
  • Rectifier Chips – 100V to 1600V, Ultra-Fast, Fast and Standard
  • Zener Diodes – 5% and 10% Standards, 1% and 2% as Required (please see zener diode product page)
  • Small Signal Switching Diodes
  • Schottky Switching and Power Diodes
  • Thyristors – 1600V, 60A to 480A
  • Microsemi & Sussex Alternatives from Vishay & Sensitron

Our portfolio of base die diodes support many applications including transient voltage suppression, voltage references, controlled and uncontrolled rectification, motor control, and solid state relays for military, space, industrial and medical markets.