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Dynamic Braking Resistors

Vishay Milwaukee Series


High Power, High Current Grid Resistors, 1 kW and Larger



What They Do
• When a load is being decelerated, the motor acts as a generator,
converting kinetic energy of the load to electrical energy. The
dynamic braking circuit converts this electrical energy into heat to
slow the load, through the use of dynamic braking resistors. Braking
resistors ensure proper motor operation, allowing heavy loads to
stop quickly and protect the drive from damage.

Electrical Capabilities
• Full range of power and resistance capabilities
• Optional terminal blocks and thermal switches
• Grid and wirewound resistor technologies

Key Parameters
• IP00-, IP20-, and IP23-rated mounting configurations
• Stainless steel resistor elements offer high thermal capacity

Application Specifics
• Found in the oil and gas, industrial, and renewable energy markets
• Used with both AC variable-frequency drives and DC drive applications
such as: overhead cranes, port cranes, industrial factories
(automated production lines), and large ships

How Can We Help?
• What are the requirements as specified by the drive manufacturer (ohms, watts, duty cycle)?
• Do you have any special requirements for the resistor assembly and mounting configuration?
• If using an IP-rated enclosure, do you require a terminal block, thermal switch, lifting eyes, etc.?

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