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GOWANDA – Inductors

For more than 50 years, Gowanda has been a leading manufacturer of board-level magnetic inductive components for the OEM electronics marketplace. Their extensive product line includes axial-lead & surface mount RF and power inductors, chip coils, conicals, lead and lead-free designs, pot cores, qualified product list (QPL) components, shielded/unshielded designs, switching power supply magnetics, toroids, transformers, tunable coils, and application-specific configurations.

Applications for Gowanda products include high-performance equipment and instrumentation in the fields
of aerospace,  communication, computers & peripherals, consumer products, diagnostic, education, industrial automation, control & monitoring, medical, military/defense, security, space, and test & measurement.

For more information about Gowanda Inductors, please click here to visit the Gowanda website.