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MOSFETS1 - Bare Die

Mosfets - Bare Die



ES Components offers a wide variety of MOSFETs in bare die form from Vishay Siliconix, and supports the most popular devices with “Off The Self Inventory” (OTSI).

We have both N-Channel and P-Channel devices with VDS ranging from 8V to 650V, with drain currents specified from under 1A up to 90A.

Ideal for hybrid or MCM circuits, these MOSFETs are wire bondable (Gate & Source connections) and well suited for solder die attach (Drain connection).

Vishay's Has New E-Series MOSFETs! (Available Now in Bare Die)

500 V, 600 V and 650 V, Super Junction N-Channel Power MOSFETs with a 30 % Reduction in Specific On-Resistance and Low Input Capacitance (See Selection Table Below).

New: Vishay E-Series Super Junction N-Channel 500V and 650V Power MOSFETs Brochure and Introduction Video

Vishay E-Series Super Junction Brochure

Vishay E-Series Super Junction Brochure

New Selection Table: Vishay Super-Junction E-Series N-Channel 500V and 650V MOSFETs Available in Bare Die:

Vishay 8V and 650V MOSFETs Available in Bare Die:

Please note: This is a large table which is separated into three sheets.