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Inductors - WireBondable

Inductors - Wire Bondable - Bare Die


ES Components offers a wide variety of Wire-Bondable Passive Components and Substrates/Interconnects from Vishay Electro-films.  ES Components supports the most popular devices with an “Off The Self Inventory” (OTSI).

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In addition to the standard products, custom designs are also offeredwith unique values, sizes, and configurations in a wide range of substrate materials and film compositions that provide maximum flexibility for high-end applications.


All members of this product family share Vishay EFI’s high standards for performance and quality.  


Vishay High Frequency Wire-Bondable Spiral Inductors


Spiral inductors are designed for RF circuits that require wire-bondable components. High precision equivalent circuit modeling enables accurate computer simulation of component performance. Additional values and form factors available upon request.



• RF choking for DC biasing
• RF tuning circuits
• Lumped element filters


• High frequency
• Wire bond assembly
• Low DCR, high Q
• Low parasitic capacitance, high SRF
• Equivalent circuit model enclosed
• S parameter files available for download
• Sample kit available


Note:  Additional values and form factors available upon request.

Vishay Wire Bondable Passive Components Brochure


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