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CDR / MIL / DSCC Vishay Vitramon
High Frequency Vishay Vitramon
MIL-PRF-123 Vishay
MIL PRF-123 (PME) Vishay Vitramon
Ext Range MIL PRF-123 Equivalent (PME) Vishay Vitramon
MLCC Novacap / Vishay
Tantalum Vishay
Ultracapacitors & Modules ESC / LS Mtron
Wire Bondable / MOS / NMOS Vishay
Wire Bondable Si Caps Vishay Electro-Films


Current Measurement Shunts Nikkohm
High Current Shunts Nikkohm
High Voltage Isolation Monitoring Modules Sendyne
Precision Current Sense Modules Sendyne
Ultracapacitors & Modules ESC / LS Mtron
Energy Products Brochure ESC

High Frequency

Attenuators Skyworks
GaAs Skyworks
Limiter Skyworks
Resistors Nikkohm
Silicon Capacitors Skyworks
Varactor Skyworks


Custom Magnetics Vishay
Inductors - Wire Bodable - Bare Die Vishay
Power / High Frequency / MIL Vishay
Spiral Vishay
Inductors, Toroids, Transformers Vishay
Space Grade IHLP Power Inductors Vishay
Custom Magnetics For Space Applications Vishay


Precision High / Low Current Sensing Sendyne
Power Ground Fault Detection Sendyne


Current Sensing & Shunt - Metal Foil Vishay
High Power Nikkohm / Vishay Sfernice
Liquid Cooled Vishay Sfernice
Microwave Nikkohm
Shunts Nikkohm
Space, Avionics, and Military Quality - Metal Foil VPG Foil Resistors
Standard Calibration Resistors VPG Alpha
Thermopile Nikkohm
Thermistors Vishay
Thick Film (Including Power) Vishay Sfernice
Thin-Film (Including High Frequency, High-Temp, & IGBT Resistors Vishay Electro /Vishay Sfernice
Wire Bondable Bare Die Resistors Vishay
Precision Thin Film Nikkohm
Ultra-Precision Surface Mount J-Lead Metal Foil VPG Alpha
Metal Foil Ultraprecision VPG Foil Resistors
Current Sense & Power Resistors Vishay Sfernice
Thin Film resistors & Networks Vishay Sfernice

Technical Papers
Capacitor Value Conversion Table
Glossary Of Electrical & Electronic Terms
Precision Current Sensing Guide
Passive Electronic Components -
What Are They?

Space Electronic Components
Tips For Finding & Documenting
Electronic Components

What Is Bare Die?
What Are Capacitors?
What Are Resistors?
What Are The Types of Diodes?
What Is An Integrated Hybrid Circuit?

Cross Reference/Guides
Novacap MLCC Capacitor Cross Reference
Resistors Reidon to Nikkohm
Resistor Value Tables