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Wire Bondable


Wire-Bondable Passive Components and Substrates/Interconnects from
Vishay Electro-films

Note: Image above shows wire-bondable resistors, capacitors and coils.

Note: Image above shows wire-bondable resistors, capacitors and coils.

In addition to the standard products, custom designs are also offered with unique values, sizes, and configurations in a wide range of substrate materials and film compositions that provide maximum flexibility for high-end applications.

All members of this product family share Vishay EFI’s high standards for performance and quality.   

Wire-Bondable Bare Die Resistors

Vishay EFI offers standard thin film wire-bondable resistors to fit a wide variety of hybrid circuit applications. Standard products are fabricated on an oxidized silicon substrate using tantalum nitride as the resistor element and with aluminum contact pads. However, these resistors may be customized for other applications by using different materials. The resistors are also available on quartz, alumina, and AlN substrates; the resistor film can be nickel chromium; gold contact pads are also available, and gold backing can be provided.


  • High-reliability military, space, and medical components

  • Hybrid applications where epoxy die attach and wire bonding are the assembly technique

  • Lumped element filters

  • Impedance tuning networks

  • Analog designs requiring high precision and/or high levels of customization

  • Applications requiring miniature form factors

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Bare Die Wire-bondable Resistors

Resistor Table

Note:  Additional values and form factors available upon request.

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