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ResistorsCurrent Sensing & Shunt - Metal Foil

Resistors - Current Sensing & Shunt - Metal Foil

ES Components offers a wide variety of Current Sensing and Shunt Resistor for application in military, aerospace, industrial, commercial and medical systems.

Whether it is the precision and stability of a Bulk Metal Foil® device, or the low-cost and small size of a Thick Film SMT device or the power-handling capability of a heat-sinked Power Metal Strip and Thick Film devices, ES Components has just the right resistor for your application.


This easily-reproducible three-minute video demonstrates the comparative thermal shock and temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) performance of three resistor technologies: thick film, thin film, and Bulk Metal Z-Foil technology. Also, because TCR is directly proportional to each technology's overall stability (such as load-life stability, short-term overload, shock and vibration, etc.), TCR can be used as a readily accessible figure of merit for each technology.

  • Vishay – Dale
  • Vishay – Sfernice
  • Vishay – Milwaukee
  • VPG – Foil Resistors
  • VPG – Alpha Electronics
  • VPG-Powertron


  • Bulk Metal Foil
  • Thin Film (wire-bondable)
  • Thick Film
  • Wire-wound
  • Power Metal Strip
  • Steel Grid


  • Surface Mount
  • Through Hole
  • Power Surface Mount
  • Bare Element
  • Module
  • Sub Assembly


  • Power – 0.125W to 6.5kW
  • Tolerance – 0.01% to 10%
  • TCR (ppm/°C) – 0.05 to 930