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For calibrating Electronic Equipment

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ES Components offers a wide variety of VPG (Vishay Precision Group) brand, Alpha Standard Resistors for the primary standards and for use as ultra precise references for electronics equipment.

Standard Resistors, Decade Boxes, and Programmable Resistors

Standard Resistors, Decade Boxes, and Programmable Resistors

Standard Resistor Series - Databook - June 2017

New:  HRU Series, Stress Free Ultra Stable Standard Resistor

HRU Picture

Incorporated in the technology of The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (Japanese patent application number 2010‐114994)



  • Utilizing New Generation Stress Free Bulk Metal® Foil

  • Excellent long term stability of resistance less than 0.2 ppm/year (0.05 ppm/year actual)

  • Excellent temperature coefficient less than α±0.05 ppm/°C, β±0.005 ppm/°C 2

  • Excellent humidity coefficient of resistance less than 0.1 ppm/%RH

  • Excellent pressure coefficnent of resistance less than 0.001 ppm/hPa

  • Available range of resistance values at

  • 10Ω and 100Ω (1Ω, 1KΩ and 10KΩ will be released in 2015)

HRU Series Data Sheet

Highlighted Product:  FNP Series, High Power Precision Shunt, Up to 500W


  • Temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR)

    • +25°C to +60°C, 25°C ref.: 0 ±1 ppm/°C

    • –25°C to +125°C, 25°C ref.: 0 ±5 ppm/°C

  • Utilizing Ni-Cr Bulk Metal® Foil Technology for realizing low TCR

  • Low thermal resistance with Copper plate

  • Improved to 0.1°C/W from 0.3°C/W (conventional model)

  • Maximum rated power up to 500W on heat sink

  • Extended max. ambient temperature to 125°C (85°C with conventional model)

  • Built-in Pt100 sensor monitor temperature of resistive element

FNP Series.JPG

FNP Series Datasheet

Highlighted Product: USR-SF Series, Stress-Free Ultra Stable Primary Standard Resistor!


USR-SF Series Picture
  • Utilizing New Generation Stress Free Bulk Metal® Foil technology

  • Long-term stability: 0.5 ppm/yr (0.2 ppm/yr typical)

  • Temperature coefficient: less than ±0.05 ppm/°C at 23°C ±5°C

  • Excellent humidity coefficient of resistance less than 0.1 ppm/% RH

  • Excellent pressure coefficient of resistance less than 0.001 ppm/hPa

  • Available wide range of resistance values at 1Ω, 10Ω, 25Ω, 100Ω, 1KΩ, 10KΩ


The USR-SF series is an ultra stable primary standard resistor which is an enhanced version of the USR/ASR series, through the use of Bulk Metal® Foil technology.  The ultra stable resistive element utilizes a new generation of stress-free Bulk Metal Foil technology developed by Alpha Electronics and leverages their 37 years of experience using proprietary Nickel Chrome alloy. The result is extremely low temperature coefficients as ±0.05 ppm/°C at 23°C ±5°C, a level of performance that is unique to Alpha Electronics.  The stress-free resistance element eliminates stress factors by using a special treatment process and encapsulation within a specially-designed ceramic case to protect against humidity and oxidation. The result is less than 0.5 ppm/year (0.2 ppm/year typical) .  Alpha's Bulk Metal Foil construction provides excellent AC characteristics—superior to the performance of conventional wire-wound standard resistors.  The USR-SF, with its extreme long-term stability and low TCR, can be used in air which reduces cost and operation for maintenance of oil bath.  The resistive elements are held within a specially designed case so, it's suitable for environments with high vibration such as transportation.

Highlighted Product: Primary Standard Resistor- ASR Series


  • Excellent long-term stability of resistance, less than 3 ppm/year

  • Low temperature coefficient, less than 0.2 ppm/°C

  • The resistance value may be specified from 1Ω to 10 MΩ

  • Excellent AC characteristics due to non-wirewound technology

  • Compact and sturdy construction designed for easy operation and storage

  • Certificate of Calibration and Inspection sheets traceable to NMIJ* are provided at shipment.

* *NMIJ: National Metrology Institute of Japan


The ASR series is an extremely stable standard resistor. Alpha’s Ni/Cr alloy Bulk Metal® Foil technology is used as the resistive element, providing high stability and low temperature coefficient. The process of building a standard resistor requires significant experience and a great degree of skill. Due to our long-term experience in developing and enhancing ultra stable Bulk Metal® Foil technology, we are able to provide products with consistency of performance under strict quality control. 

With the extreme stability of this resistor relative to temperature change, the ASR can be used in air without oil bath or critical environmental temperature control eliminating added expense and maintenance problems.

The ASR is designed to be used in a broad range of environments—from a production floor for making precise measurements, to a corporate traceability system as a calibration and reference standard.
The resistors are mounted in a compact sturdy box with cover whose construction is designed to protect the resistor and terminals from any damages.

ASR-103 Evaluation Report by G. Rietveld of the Netherlands Meetinstituut, Van Swinden Laboratorium, Department of Electricity and Magnetism

Highlighted Product: Working Standard Resistor - CSR Series


VPG Alpha Working Standard Resistor
  • Usable in air without oil bath

  • Wide resistance range available from 1 mΩ to 100 MΩ

  • Excellent performance versus cost

  • Terminals aligned in a single row for easier wiring and placement

  • Certificate of Calibration and Inspection sheets traceable to NMIJ* are provided at shipment.

* NMIJ: National Metrology Institute of Japan


The CSR series has Bulk Metal® Foil resistance elements, which have the same excellent stability and low temperature coefficient of resistance as the ASR series—a precision level that cannot be provided by any other resistance material. In addition, the CSR is designed for ease of use in the laboratory or on the production floor. It’s construction is designed to give priority  for portability and workability, being used in air without an oil bath.  Available for any customized resistance value.
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Highlighted Product: High Power Standard Resistor - LSR Series


VPG Alpha High Power Series Standard Resistor
  • For high power measurement

  • Excellent long-term stability

  • Compact size. Usable in air. Low temperature coefficient for small resistance values

  • Temperature efficient design to control self-heating

  • Certificate of Calibration and Inspection sheets traceable to NMIJ* are provided at shipment.

* NMIJ: National Metrology Institute of Japan


The LSR series is developed to meet the requirements of high current / low resistance applications. Bulk Metal® Foil resistive elements are used to ensure the best long-term stability with lowest temperature coefficient.  The enclosure is made of perforated aluminum to allow effective dissipation of heat, especially under conditions of high electrical power.  The LSR can be used in air without an oil bath or cooling unit and it is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as high precision measurements, calibration in corporate meteorology labs, and as a reference for precision power supplies.

High-Current Option

The high-current option changes the terminal knobs for measuring power up to 4W (63A) for 1 mΩ version (see the picture above). Add P to the end of model number to specify this version, when ordering.  Type: LSR-1N0P.  The spacing between voltage terminals is 19.05 mm.

Precision Programmable Resistance Box (RTD Simulator) - ADR Series

Coming Soon in 2016!


VPG Alpha Programmable Resistor Box Picture
  • Controllable by PC with GB-IB and RS232C interfaces

  • Compact design

  • Utilizing ultra precision Bulk Metal® Foil resistor

  • Quick response capable of setting desired resistance in as fast as 100 ms

  • Accuracy ≤0.01% +2 mΩ in 6½ digit readings

  • Temperature coefficient of resistance ≤5 ppm/°C (>100Ω)

  • Double electrical shielding protection against noise

  • Interface specification open to users


The ADR Digital box is easy to set to any desired resistance value using a PC. The ADR Digital box enables automated inspection to minimize inspection time while avoiding human error. The ADR Digital is the most efficient product for simulating input resistance values, and panel keys allow local-mode resistance value input. The JIS C1604/IEC60751 Pt thermometer table is stored in memory to facilitate entry of specific temperatures for specific resistance values in the Pt standard table.   Utilizing ultra precision Bulk Metal® Foil technology with very low Resistance Temperature Characteristics and excellent long-term stability assures high accuracy and high stability.

6-Dial Decade Resistance Box (RTD Simulator) - ADR Series


6-Dial Decade Resistor Box

6-Dial Decade Resistor Box

  • Accuracy ≤0.005% +2 mΩ

  • Temperature coefficient of resistance ≤ 5 ppm/°C

  • Long-term stability in resistance ≤50 ppm/year

  • (storage life)

  • Low contact resistance switch and three clip-typed contacts in parallel

  • Low thermal EMF terminal

  • Double electrical shielding protective against noise

  • Utilizing Bulk Metal® Foil ultra precision resistance inside


The ultra precision resistors, high-quality rotary switches, output terminals and double shielded construction, are all features of the 6-Dial Decade Resistance Box with 6½ digit readings.  Resistors used in the 6-Dial Decade Resistance Box are ultra precision Bulk Metal® Foil resistors manufactured by Alpha Electronics Corp., assuring high stability over time and changing environmental conditions. Rotary switches provide very low contact resistance by utilizing three clip-typed contacts which are connected in parallel. The three contacts assure higher mechanical reliability. Output terminals have very low thermal EMF, using rectangular wires of low thermal resistance material in a well-designed circuit configuration. Double shielded construction inhibits interference of environmental noise.