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ES Components is a authorized distributor and sales representative for Sendyne. 

Solutions for accurate battery simulation:

Modeling Software

Sendyne has released a new battery simulation tool to accelerate design of EVs and energy storage systems that: 

1.    Predicts battery cell and pack behavior with better than 5% accuracy in real time
2.    Easily adapts to any chemistry without the need for proprietary cell data
3.    Can be used stand-alone or can be interfaced to most commercial simulation packages through FMI for co-simulation

Sendyne's CellMod™ Software includes Sendyne's Pseudo-2D compact physics-based Li-Ion battery cell model coupled with Sendyne's proprietary dtSolve™, a tool that executes several orders of magnitude faster than other commercially available numerical solvers. Detailed data on CellMod's performance is available from Sendyne.

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