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Siliconix Military, JAN, and Hermetic Portfolio

Siliconix Military and Commercial Hermetic Products are NOT OBSOLETE! 

ES Components has purchased all Qualified Inventories and residual materials including Qualified Wafer Stock and associated equipment required.  ES Components continues to manufacture and qualify all products to Mil Prf-19500 and Mil Prf-38535, Hirel, SCD or Data Sheet requirements.  The purchased Inventory will support the forecasted requirements for 10 years or more, in most cases.



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ESC is ISO9001, AS9120, AS6081, and Woman Owned Small Business certified. In addition, ESC is DLA JESD31/QSLD certified,
ITAR registered, and a member of GIDEP. Certificates. View Certificates

ES Components Is A Franchised Vishay Siliconix Distribution Partner

ES Components is a franchised Vishay Siliconix Distribution Partner with over 20 years of experience serving Military Customers with components, in both Packaged and Bare Die form.
ES Components has purchased all Inventories, Finished Goods, Die & Wafer Stock and Associated Equipment, to support the following product lines:

  • JAN JFET’s and Commercial Hermetic JFETS

  • JAN Planar MOSFET’s including 2N6660 and 2N6661 and Commercial Hermetic

  • Mil-PRF-38535 Analog Switches and Commercial Hermetic

  • Military screened and Commercial Current Regulators, Low Leakage Diodes and Voltage Controlled Resistors

  • Military Screened DMOS, LOPD and PMOS Products  

ES Components has become MIL-PRF-38535 certified

ES Components has partnered with vpT Components LLC

  • For MIL-PRF-19500 JAN Products ES Components LLC has Partnered with VPT Components LLC, a DLA certified basic plant to Assemble, Test, Screen and Mark.

  • ES Components received all residual inventory from Siliconix Certified to JAN and Mil-PRF 38535 Requirements for immediate delivery. ES Components will provide qualified products utilizing the residual Siliconix JAN and Military qualified die and wafer Inventory. 

In Addition to Military and JAN ES Components Will Offer:

  • Hermetic Commercial and Specials, Processed and Qualified to Siliconix Data Sheets or your SCD.

  • JFETS and MOSFETS in Bare Die, New UB Surface Mount packages or any other Package to meet your requirements, Qualified to Military specs, your SCD, or JANHC/JANKC if applicable.

  • Siliconix Analog Switch Products in Hermetic Packages, not currently available, Screened to Siliconix Data Sheets, Qualified to Military or, SCD requirements.