ES Components is an authorized distributor of all SiTimes products and additionally appointed as a master distributor for their military products. We offer frequency programming for rapid delivery of products from off-the-shelf. We provide COTS, Automotive, and Military Up-screened Versions of SiTime’s devices.

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Revolutionizing The Timing Market

Why Use MEMS?

Quartz Crystals Versus MEMS

SiTime is a crew of passionate and persistent innovators who took on the goliath in timing. For decades, quartz dominated the industry, and we decided to change that. There purpose was clear: To build the highest performing and most reliable timing devices, smaller than a pinhead.

SiTime’s already owns 90% of the MEMS timing market, and given all the barriers they've broken, it’s only a matter of time before they make quartz obsolete.




Emerald OCXOs | for Precision Time Synchronization (±5 ppb stability, ±50 ppt/°C ΔF/ΔT, Smallest package, 9 x 7 mm2, Unmatched ease-of-use)

Device Type Device Frequency (MHz) Temp.
Range (°C)
Stability (ppb) Output Type Package Size (mm2) Specification
SiT5711 1 to 60 -20 to 70
-40 to 85 [1]
±5 to ±8 [2] LVCMOS,
Clipped Sine Wave
9.0 x 7.0
14.0 x 9.0
20.0 x 13.0
25.0 x 22.0
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SiT5712 60 to 220 ±5 to ±8 [2]
SiT5701 1 to 60 ±15 to ±50 [2]
SiT5702 60 to 220 ±15 to ±50 [2]


Emerald OCXO stability.png
  • Exceptional dynamic stability under airflow, fast temp ramp

  • ±5 to ±50 ppb over-temp stability

  • ±50 ppt/°C frequency slope (ΔF/ΔT)

  • 2e-11 ADEV at 10 seconds averaging time, under airflow

  • 0.1 ppb/g vibration, for outdoor pole mounted equipment

  • Resistant to microphonic and/or board bending effects

  • On-chip regulators for power supply noise filtering

  • ±0.25 ppb daily aging, ±500 ppb 20 year aging

  • Excellent holdover through a wide range of conditions

  • Programmable platform, any frequency from 1 to 220 MHz

  • LVCMOS or clipped sinewave output

  • No activity dips or micro jumps

  • GR-1244 Stratum 3E compliant


Emerald OCXOs Product Brief

LOW JITTER OSCILLATORS | Best reliability and Vibration Sensitivity (0.1 ppb/g)

SiTime Base Part No. Output Frequency Frequency Stability (ppm) Supply Volt. (V) Supply Current (Typical) Packages (mm x mm) Output Logic Features Temperature Range Specification
SiT9365** 32 Standard Freq. ±10, ±20, ±25, ±50 2.5 to 3.3 76 to 84 mA 3.2x2.5,
LVPECL,LVDS, HCSL 0.21 ps rms phase jitter -40 to +85°C SiT9365** Datasheet
SiT9366/67** 1 MHz to 725 MHz               SiT9366 Datasheet SiT93667** Datasheet
SiT9120 31 Standard Freq.   2.5 to 3.3 54 to 69 mA 3.2x2.5,
LVPECL, LVDS 0.6 ps rms phase jitter,
-40 to +85°C SiT9120 Datasheet
SiT9121/22 1 MHz to 625 MHz               SiT9121 Datasheet SiT9122 Datasheet
** Elite Platform products

High Reliability Report