Programmable OCXOs

Emerald Platform™ Stratum 3E OCXOs (oven controlled oscillators) are engineered to solve the long standing challenges of legacy quartz OCXOs which are sensitive to environmental conditions, require protective components, and are difficult to procure and use. Emerald OCXOs are designed to provide the best dynamic performance, unmatched ease-of-use, the smallest size, and shortest lead time. 

The high-precision Emerald OCXOs offer ±5 to ±8 ppb stability, 1 to 220 MHz frequency, and three standard OCXO footprints in addition to the smallest 9 x 7 mm footprint. These devices can be used as drop-in replacement of legacy quartz OCXOs in emerging 5G and IEEE 1588 synchronization applications while improving overall system performance and robustness.

  • 10 times better dynamic stability (50 ppt/°C ΔF/ΔT), resistant to airflow and thermal shock

  • Unmatched ease-of-use, anywhere placement on PCB, no mechanical shields needed

  • Programmable platform enables the shortest lead time

  • On-chip power supply noise filtering, eliminates dedicated LDO

  • No activity dips or micro jumps