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Ultracapacitor Calculator

Ultracapacitor Calculator

The Ultracapacitor calculators below are designed to estimate the amount of capacitance in farads and the number of capacitors that are needed for a given application.  

Ultracapacitor have low voltage ratings and need to be stacked in series within applications that have voltages that are higher than their rating.  For example, to use an Utracapacitor in a 12v application a minimum of five Ultracapacitors would be needed, i.e. 2.7v + 2.7v +2.7v + 2.7v + 2.7v = 13.5v.  When capacitors are stacked in series their capacitance is calculated by the formula Ctotal = 1(1/C1 + 1/C2 + 1/C3 + 1/C4 + 1/C5).  Please note that when Ultracapacitors are stacked in series charge balancing circuitry is required to ensure that an individual capacitor does not exceed is voltage rating.  This is because of slight difference in ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) and leakage currents. Our custom Ultracapacitor module assemblies can be ordered with charge balancing circuitry included.

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