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Vishay ESTA

High Voltage Large Capacitors


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Vishay ESTA Power Capacitors - Large capacitors for power electronic applications offering.  AC voltage to 24 kV, DC voltage to 125 kV and up to 15 kJ per unit.

Portfolio Overview



  • Most products are custom / application-specific

  • Majority of products are resin-filled to provide "shock and vibration" performance

  • Some standardized units

Key Features and Benefits

  • Exact design requirements based on product design expertise and Vishay ESTA technology

  • Provide cost-effective solutions with quality and reliability (100 000 hours life)

  • Superior manufacturing controls provide more reliable designs

  • Material / manufacturing traceability


  • Capacitance up to 20 000 µF, voltages over 800 VDC, high RMS current, and long life

  • Special mechanical shapes and custom brackets for positioning security

  • Large devices (up to over 250 kg / 550 lbs)

  • Reliability

Market Position

  • Over 60 years experience, leading-edge design support

  • Market leader in traction (drives, industrial applications, trains and trams)


  • DC linking and DC filtering in converters for use in trains, trams, trolleys, tractors, and hybrid buses

  • DC linking and filtering in industrial drives, wind turbines, and solar energy applications

  • Impulse discharge applications such as welding and magnetizing

Click below image to view or download Vishay ESTA brochure.

Click to Download Vishay ESTA Brochure

Click to Download Vishay ESTA Brochure