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The Secret of Buying Bare Die Like a Veteran

What is Bare Die? How do I buy Bare Die? Unless you have been doing this for a good number of years you will quickly find out that there is a lot more involved than just searching for a Part# on the Internet. It’s especially frustrating to find out that in a world of “packaged” semiconductors that Bare Die commerce is perceived as a bother. The trick is understanding the differences between packaged parts and bare die. Then you, also, can “Buy Bare Die Like a Veteran”.

First, find a trusted Bare Die supplier that can provide you with the components in die form. Their expertise and advice will help you in the buying process. You may need Certificates of Conformance, Lot Traceability, Source Control Drawings, Geometries, Specific Testing performed. It can be very confusing.

Manufacturers produce a wafer that yields the die. After testing the wafer individual die are separated from the wafer and assigned a part number and then shipped to a bare die distributor. Here, samples from a die lot are packaged to expedite Lot Acceptance testing (LAT). Additional testing is usually done through a method of Known Good Die (KGD).

At the distributors facility, the assumption is made that die that look flawless will function well. Their visual inspection techniques have made them experts in what they do with their knowledge of military inspections for bare die. They make sure that the die that you purchase looks flawless and will function well. Current die geometries must be obtained and any changes that have occurred must be forwarded to the end customer as this may not be acceptable to the customer. Often times samples are required by the end customer. Depending on the device, the distributors can usually provide the required sample. Sometimes though, the part is not available from the manufacturer in die form, or if the manufacturer agrees to provide the part, the minimum purchase quantity may be much, much higher than the end customer requires. Always keep in mind that everything is NOT available in die form.

To conclude, Bare Die is used in a broad array of industries, and markets, including Aerospace, Military, Avionics, Medical Implant, Automotive, and high-end Industrial where bare die is the optimum choice for a given design. Go to your trusted Bare Die supplier to get their expertise and advice where they will help you to “Buy Bare Die Like a Veteran”.