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How these power transistors will allow electronic devices to function for years without a battery


A new type of transistor could bring about a bevy of innovative electronic applications, ranging from wearables to implants to IoT devices, due to the tiny amount of power it uses.

Developed by researchers at Cambridge University, the transistor could allow these devices (and more) to function for months or even years on end without a battery due to its unique ability to forage energy from its environment. 

The technology operates on the same principle used to put a computer into “sleep mode” — it harnesses just a tiny amount of electrical current leakage, also referred to as “near-off-state current,” for its operations. Similar to when water drips from a faulty faucet, this leak is a characteristic of all transistors; however, this marks the first time it’s been captured and repurposed.  Read more...

Reference: Electronc Product Magazine
                   Jeffrey Bausch