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Introduction To Ultracapacitors - Just What Are They?


Unlike the resistor, which dissipates energy in the form of heat, the ideal capacitor does not loose its energy. We have also seen that the simplest form of a capacitor is two parallel conducting metal plates which are separated by an insulating material, such as air, mica, paper, ceramic, etc, and called the dielectric through a distance, “d”.

Capacitors store energy as a result of their ability to store charge with the amount of charge stored on a capacitor depending on the voltage, V applied across its plates, and the greater the voltage, the more charge will be stored by the capacitor as: Q ∝ V.

Also, a capacitor has a constant of proportionality, called capacitance, symbol C, which represents the capacitor’s ability or capacity to store an electrical charge with the amount of charge depending on a capacitor capacitance value as: Q ∝ C.  Read more...

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