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SIM100 Isolation Monitor / Ground Fault Detection for EVs and HEVs --


The Sendyne SIM100MOD is the first high voltage isolation monitoring device for EV/HEVs capable of operating correctly even when the battery is active, and experiencing large voltage variations. The SIM100MOD continuously monitors the isolation resistance between a vehicle’s IT (Isolated Terra) power system and chassis for deterioration of insulation and potentially dangerous levels of leakage current.

The SIM100MOD detects not only resistive leakages but also capacitively stored energy that could be harmful to human operators. Due to a proprietary, patent-pending advanced algorithm, the module is capable of detecting all sources of leakage, including multiple, simultaneous symmetrical and asymmetrical faults, as well as resistive paths between the chassis and points in the battery with the same potential as the chassis. In the case of an insulation fault, the unit identifies the relative position of the fault in relation to the battery’s terminals. Battery-connected VX1 (Vp) and VX2 (Vn) voltage inputs can measure ±1000 V in reference to Chassis (0 V). Communications are achieved via an isolated CAN 2.0B interface (500 kbit/s), with an input voltage range of 5 V to 53 V, and a wide temperature range of –40 °C to +105 °C. The module was designed to ISO 6469-3:2011-12 / FMVSS 305.

An evaluation kit, including a CAN to USB dongle and cables, and PC software is available.

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