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10 of the most eccentric products from 2018’s CES


The Consumer Electronics Show, held in Las Vegas, yields a huge variety of new products, ranging in coolness and quality. Consumer electronics casts a wide net, which means that the show displays everything from cheap phone cases to robot dogs, a mishmash of the cool, the usable, and the downright weird.

At 3 million square feet, the show floor is so extensive that it would be difficult for one person to see it all even if they wondered the convention floor for a week. Harder still is waiting in line to test the coolest products there across a variety of categories. Despite the ironic power outage in a very techy space, CES brings the latest in design, innovation, and creativity, so here is a look at 10 cool things that you’ll probably be seeing around in the coming year.

Source: Electronic Products
             Heather Hamilton