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Highly elastic, ultrathin membrane turns your skin into an LED display


Researchers at the University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Engineering in partnership with Dai Nippon Printing recently unveiled an elastic display designed to fit tightly over the skin to show the waveform of an electrocardiogram. The wearable, which contains an on-skin electrode sensor and wireless communication module, transmits data to the cloud. The team hopes to reduce the burden on patients and family members who utilize nursing care and improve the quality of life by enhancing the availability and accessibility of information.

Doctors can see the electrocardiograms on a screen in real time or they can be stored for later access. Right now, the device has the potential to improve the quality of information from patients that are elderly or otherwise unable to operate more difficult and intrusive devices. For self-care or at-home-care patients, the promise of more accurate, easier-to-obtain information is significant.

Basically, the skin product turns a patient’s actual skin into a tiny screen that can broadcast (or send to the cloud) their heartbeat, allowing medical professionals to see results in the moment.

Reference: Electronic Products
                   Heather Hamilton