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Reliable car battery power: Are high-end batteries worth it?


Tradeoffs to consider when battery shopping

Car batteries are one of those things that we just want to have work — with no hassle or worry. You don't want to have to open the hood and check on your battery every week, month, or even year. You just want it to work reliably in any environment. It might surprise you that not all car batteries can actually provide the level and reliability and consistency that you might expect. It probably won't surprise you, however, that you might need to pay a bit more for higher reliability and confidence.

Lead-acid batteries
Car batteries have a very simple job to do. They need to provide enough power to start the car. The most common type of car battery is the wet/flooded lead-acid battery, and starting the car normally uses only about 3% of the lead-acid battery’s charge, so there is plenty of energy available. Lead-acid batteries use a very simple chemical process to generate current. As the name implies, these batteries use a combination of lead plates and liquid sulfuric acid. The acid reacts with the lead dioxide coating on the plates to produce lead sulfate and free electrons, thus creating the battery’s current. By applying current to the battery, the lead sulfate is converted back to lead dioxide. Read more...

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